Our Strengths

Our history of working with Public Health and Development Professionals, enables us to constitute cross-functional teams comprising HR, Finance and Technical specialists to address the needs of our clients. We have in the past, on a need basis, associated with livelihood specialists, public health specialists, microbiologists and legal and taxation specialists too. Our staffing and work plan commensurately envisages the deployment of a reasonable count of resource persons for any assignment.

SAMS has more than 20 years of hands on experience of supporting multiple National Public Health Programmes that have included NACO, RNTCP, NVBDCP, UIP etc. Consequently, the core resource persons at the National level who are deployed on such assignments, possess several year’s prior exposure to PSM practices in these programmes.

During the past 21 years, we have helped fill +10,000 vacancies at all levels, with diverse not-for-profit organizations working in the areas of public and community health, health security, livelihoods, child rights, poverty alleviation, small business development and education. This exposure leaves us with a clear understanding of all types of jobs in these sectors, credibility and unmatched access, through the large community of professionals we are in contact with.

SAMS has more than 50 man-years of collective experience of guiding and capacity building of state and district health officers and pharmacists, during the course of implementation of RNTCP, NVBDCP, NACO, UIP - PSM systems

Our strategy of integrating a spectrum of outreach channels viz. press, job sites, social media, professional networks, colleges/ alumni associations and job alerts to our large database of public health and development professionals, has been demonstrably productive and has helped improve response, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our website www.sams.co.in is popular with public health and development professionals and presently gets about 50,000+ hits daily. We have frequently managed to mobilize upwards of 200 applications through mass mailings to our database and posting of vacancy notices on our website alone.

Our recruitment processes tend to be extremely transparent and have withstood internal and external scrutiny. We have consistently proven ourselves to be meticulous, independent and absolutely fair in-depth.

Over the years we have evolved a host of proprietary tools that enable the in-depth assessment of candidates and confirmation of their suitability for client needs. Our customized job application forms, skills oriented screening templates, competency based tele-interview question banks, set-up for final interviews, panel assessment sheets, etc. all serve to ensure that the candidates we help to select are actually able to discharge the responsibilities they are being hired for.

We possess hands on experience of the design and implementation of Performance Appraisal Management Services (PAMS) and SAMS can assist in integration of this with talent assessment of its employees. Depending on the processes identified and Customized, the potential or competencies of the employees can be measured for specific tasks

We have worked closely with a range of bilateral, UN agencies, INGOs/ NGOs, as well as GOI/ State Government organizations since 1997 and gained an in-depth understanding of their HR, Recruitment, PSM and Financial Accounting practices. We work closely with GOI and/or State Governments for practically all our large engagements and believe this to be a key strength

Through various assignments, SAMS was required to assess NGOs for their capacities to work in partnership with various health programs. These NGO’s were assessed on essential as well as desirable attributes based on criteria such as Accountability, Governance issues, Efficiency and Transparency and their state of preparedness to take on proposed tasks.

SAMS has now designed an assessment tool to assist NGOs in capturing their strengths and weaknesses, identifying gaps and highlighting aspects requiring training and capacity building. SAMS then provides trainings to the NGOs in the required areas, to fulfil the requirements of the Funding Agency.

SAMS has successfully conducted research and analysis for Health programs in the country. We helped frame well-defined evaluation questions relevant to the purpose of evaluation, intended use of the results, the needs of stakeholders, and other related circumstances that may influence program success.

Both quantitative and qualitative data has been collected, cleaned and analyzed to answer research questions. Various methods have been employed such as, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, observations as well as progress tracking.

Excellent infrastructure in terms of qualified and/or experienced accountants, practice leaders with prior experience of payroll and expenditure accounting. Experience of development of designs and institution of efficient and customized software, cash management and expenditure control systems.

Extensive experience of risk assessment and institution of internal checks and controls in diverse areas including travel, vehicle hire, telecom, local procurement, etc. Engagements in these areas have been carried out for WHO, UNCEF, UNDP, PSI, etc.

SAMS has over the past few years, developed In-house multiple web-based android-enabled tools and online applications to help automate internal SAMS processes and systems to make them more transparent and efficient. Similar IT initiatives have been included in the various projects undertaken by SAMS. This includes Procurement and supply chain management systems, HR and Payrolling systems, training and capacity building, assessment studies and other IT related projects.

SAMS has provided pay-rolling and administrative support to the Technical Support Network (TSN) comprising of approx. 90 Medical Consultants under WHO/ RNTCP Technical Assistance Project (WRTAP). SAMS was also designated to recruit and provide pay rolling services to health, procurement and finance specialists provided by WHO to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP).

SAMS has successfully conducted fourteen, large, nation-wide assignments for the selection and appointment of more than 800 medical professionals for the polio, tuberculosis and leprosy national health programs facilitated by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Strong internal financial control mechanisms and policies are imperative for smooth functioning of an NGO. SAMS assists NGOs in placing Internal accounting control procedures designed to promote and protect sound financial management practices. This, ensures that financial information is reliable for the managers and the Board to take informed decisions, ensure safety of assets and records of the organisation and that all the policies are followed and government regulations complied with.

All SAMS projects are directed and managed by our two Delhi offices and a central team of senior consultants, relying on telecom and strong process controls. This ensures uniformity in the approach we follow across all locations, as well as overall cost efficacy. We believe this comprises a key strength of our consultancy. In addition, SAMS has appointed representatives in various states who cater to SAMS projects in the region.